Miami Market Place

Out of the pandemic and a collapsed events industry Miami Market Place was born: A wholesale food purveyor with fresh and healthy items sold in environmentally sustainable packaging utilizing our in-house design and printing. As Miami became vaccinated and the community began to gather again, the demand for our luxury catering service began to boom, birthing MMP Provisions and Events, our boutique Catering Brand. We’re thrilled to know that our clients are so happy with the products and process so far, that we were nominated and named winners of the 2021 and 2022 Best of Miami New Times: Catering Companies.

Taylor and Andrew

Both members of the Miami Events industry for the past ten years, they’ve established themselves as hardworking and trusted.

Taylor Croft

Taylor accumulated much of her experience as the Senior Event Coordinator for Chef David Schwadron Cuisine and Event Design. She was fortunate enough to extend her role beyond Event Planning and Catering Coordination. The result was the development of an extraordinarily thorough event planner with someone who has a unique understanding of the intricacies of event execution. These roles included Graphic Design, Website Creation, Software Onboarding, Logistics and Operations, Office Management, and Administration. She brings a magnanimous energy to her work that all of her clients can attest to. Most importantly, she’s very funny. 

Andrew Jacobs

Born and raised in Miami Beach, Chef Andrew received formal training at the Miami Culinary Institute. He established skill and professionalism working in fine dining establishments like Estiatorio Milos, F.A.B at the Sole Hotel, assisting with the opening of Beaker & Gray in Wynwood, as well as the  Catering Manager & Special Projects Director for Chef David Cuisine and Event Design for over five years. Chef Andrew’s charisma, enthusiasm, and passion make for an unforgettable experience for his clients.

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